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Road Closures


43rd Annual Pinellas Park Holiday Parade – December 12th, 6PM

ROAD CLOSURES begin at 1PM on the day of the parade. The Pinellas Park Police Department begins closing the route at Park Boulevard and 66th Street. Please carefully review the following road closure information (especially the times) so that you can stay clear of the area and avoid heavy traffic.

NOTE: Only EASTBOUND Park Boulevard is shut down. This includes 49th Street between 70th Avenue and Park Boulevard.

CLOSURES BEGIN at 1:00PM at Park Boulevard and 66th Street. Eastbound Park Boulevard will be closed between 66th Street and 58th Street (Railroad Crossing) by 1:30PM.

49TH STREET CLOSURES begin at approximately 1:45PM (immediately following 1:30PM PPPD briefing). Complete closure of Eastbound Park Boulevard between 66th Street and 49th Street will be complete by approximately 2:15PM.

THE ENTIRE ROUTE (Eastbound Park Boulevard between 66th Street and 40th Street) will be closed by approximately 2:30PM.


  • 52nd Street at Park Boulevard
  • 49th Street at Park Boulevard
  • (49th Street between Park Boulevard & 70th Avenue)
  • 43rd Street at Park Boulevard
  • 40th Street at Park Boulevard

Please note the following:

  • All of these times are approximate.
  • While only Eastbound Park Boulevard is closed, Westbound Park Boulevard still becomes congested as well as East/Westbound 70th and 78th Avenue.
  • Your best bet is to stay clear of the area.

Alternate Routes

  • East/West – 118th Avenue North/Bryan Dairy Road, 82nd Avenue North, 62nd Avenue North, 54th Avenue North
  • North/South – U.S. 19 North (34th Street North), 66th Street North, Belcher Road/71st Street

Parade Route Map