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Participant Rules and Regulations

Thank you for your interest in the 46th Annual Pinellas Park Christmas Parade. If you’re considering participating in the Pinellas Park Christmas Parade it is very important that you review the rules and regulations of the parade. In fact, you will be acknowledging that you have reviewed the rules as a part of the registration form. You can review the rules in their entirety here. There are some significant changes to the rules and the registration form compared to last year that we would like to bring to your attention:

  • We have added a “Definitions” section to the rules and regulations for the first time. 
  • We have removed the rule that prohibited participants from throwing beads from vehicles. In lieu of this rule we have added the requirement that all entries (some exclusions apply) have a Parade Safety Officer that will represent their entry and be responsible for policing any rule violations within their own entry. It is very important that you review the rules as they relate to the designated Parade Safety Officer and select the right individual to serve in that role. 
  • We have added a field on the registration form for entries to include links to their website and/or Facebook pages so that the organization can be accurately promoted. 

More detailed information and best practices will be distributed to all registered participants at a later date.

Questions? We can be reached by e-mailing