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Participant Information, Rules, and Regulations

Participant Information, Rules, and Regulations

Thank you for your interest in participating in our 43rd Annual Pinellas Park Christmas Parade! Please read the following information carefully as this information will come in handy through the registration process.


  1. The Pinellas Park Christmas Parade is scheduled on the second Saturday of December.
  2. Registration for the parade begins September 1st and runs through the Friday before Thanksgiving.


  1. There are three types of parade entries:
    • Private/Non-Profit registrations  are for individuals or non-profit organizations that wish to participate in the parade.
    • Commercial registrations are for commercial entities that wish to participate in the parade.
    • Marching Band registrations are for marching bands that wish to participate in the parade.
  2. The tiered registration fee schedule is as follows:
    • September – Private/Non-Profit = $25.00; Commercial = $50.00
    • October – Private/Non-Profit = $30.00; Commercial = $60.00
    • November – Private/Non-Profit = $35.00; Commercial = $70.00
  3. Registration is not complete until lineup information is picked up at one of the two mandatory participant meetings held the week of the parade.


  1. Parade participation is open to any and all private, non-profit, and commercial entities at the discretion of the Christmas Parade Committee.
  2. For all purposes, a “vehicle” is defined as a car, truck, van, or sport utility vehicle and the trailer attached (if applicable). Bicycles, motorcycles, scooters, all-terrain vehicles, or golf carts are not considered vehicles.
  3. There are vehicle limitations based on the type of entry. Limitations are as follows:
    • Private/Non-Profit = Four (4) Vehicles
    • Commercial = Two (2) Vehicles


  1. Animals in the parade must me noted on the registration form, be in good medical health, and be capable of coping with the crowd and other entries.
  2. All pets are to be on a leash and be under a handler’s control at all times.
  3. Horses:
    • Due to the nature of the crowd and unpredictable conditions during the parade, only trained/certified law enforcement horses affiliated with a law enforcement organization are permitted to participate.
    • Horse-drawn entries are not permitted.


  1. All types of marching bands are welcome to participate in the parade, but only High School marching bands are judged and eligible to receive funds of any kind.
  2. High School marching bands are eligible for $350.00 for their participation in the parade to assist with travel expenses.
  3. High School marching bands are eligible for additional prize money:
    • 1st Place = $1,200.00
    • 2nd Place = $1,000.00
    • 3rd Place = $800.00


  1. The following items are permitted for distribution during the parade:
    • Individually wrapped candy
    • Beads
    • T-shirts
    • Hats
    • Other promotional apparel
    • Other, non-paper promotional materials not referenced below
  2.  Items NOT permitted for distribution:
    • Paper promotional materials of any kind
    • Pencils
    • Pens


  1. Mobile vendors are permitted along the parade route prior to the start of the event.
  2. Vendors are required to register with parade officials prior to or on the day of the parade.
  3. Vendor fees are as follows:
    • First four individual walkers or carts are $50.00 each
    • The fifth and any additional walkers or carts are $25.00 each.

Questions? We can be reached Monday through Friday between 9:00am and 5:00pm at 727-262-1999 or by e-mailing